I am a research lead. I write about everything. I love ice cream.

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Hello. My name is Jennifer Ng.

My process: Understand. Synthesize. Design. Understand. Synthesize. Design. Understand. Synthesize. Design. Understand.

My labels: strategist, experience researcher, user experience designer, anthropologist, problem solver, storyteller, writer

I am curious about people and why they do things that they do. How might the elderly stay close with their family? Why do people prefer frozen lobster bisque over lobster ice cream? What is so special about the kitchen? What leads to happiness and pleasure? This drives both my design and writing.

I believe that user experience follows an iterative cycle from understanding our target users, synthesizing the data into concepts, and translating those concepts into designs. Then the cycle begins again to validate with our users.

With over ten years of experience in user experience design and research ranging from design studios to startups to academia, I aim to design for better user experiences. My specialities range from ubiquitous computing to service design to cross-platform design. I have worked with interdisciplinary teams and interfaced with clients. I work best with deep collaboration of the team. In the product cycle, I work best in the early conceptual stage. I love stickies and sharpies.

Naturally resourceful and curious, I experiment with everything. New technology. New services. New tools. New ways of thinking.

I am a creative writer. Not the kind that writes for the industry. But the artistic kind. I write a combination of creative nonfiction and fiction, depending on my mood. Currently working on a novel.

What follows is a glimpse into my work. There is more to show in person, but for now, welcome.

Personal Info

I live in San Francisco in the heart of the Mission. I love exploring real and imaginary spaces like food, alternate reality experiences, cycling, movies, and TV. In early 2013, I successfully raised Kickstarter funds for a book about ice cream around the world. The book was released January 2016. I traveled to 7 countries and interviewed over 60 ice cream shops. My favorite ice cream flavor is goat cheese ice cream with roasted cherries.

Product Experience

Amgen, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Boxee, BMW, Eatsa, eBay, Fitbit, GlideTV, GoPro, HP webOS, Intel, Instagram, Jiobit, Kodak, Livongo Health, Masterclass, Mayo Clinic, Motorola, Quiet Revolution, Roku, Sony Entertainment of America, Sony Consumer Electronics, Ugobe, Vida Health, Whirlpool, Women 2.0, Zendrive

Agency Experience

Catalyst Innovation Partners, Future Medical Systems, Method, Nectarine Group, Organic, Punchcut


  • Carnegie Mellon University Masters of Human-Computer Interaction, May 2006
  • University of California, Berkeley B.A. in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Computational Modeling, May 2004